Roots Staffing exists to Serve and Connect Valuable men and women to trusted companies.

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Why Roots

At Roots Staffing, we work with people. After leading a combined 28 years in the Non Profit world between Brett and Todd, we know that there is nothing predictable about people. With that, like great companies, we have developed incentives within Roots Staffing to help our man and woman stay engaged, encouraged and reminded they are valuable in hopes they continue giving their maximum effort throughout their time employed with Roots Staffing. Our goal is not to get you “warm bodies”, but to connect you with motivated men and women who want to grow with you. Here is how we believe we can connect you with different men and women than your typical staffing companies have provided.

3 Reasons to Use Roots Staffing

Roots Staffing will create a strong sense of friendship and care throughout the Roots family that extends to both the employee and partnered company. We believe that the Roots culture of family will further commit the employee and partnered company beyond monetary benefit into a desire to see one another succeed.

The Right Fit

As an extension of our partnered companies and an advocate of our employees, our Partnered Companies will have greater peace of mind that the employee will be equipped and have a proper understanding of the position.

Job Coach

With each employee Roots Staffing places with a partnered company, they are assigned a 90 day job coach. Given new hires often make the decision to either stay or quit a new job within the first 90 days, Roots Staffing has found this approach essential in helping our partnered companies maintain higher retention rates.

Temporary to Hire

Temporary to hire positions allow Partnered Companies to “try before they buy,” testing out an employee’s abilities before making a formal offer with benefits. While an interview, references, and a resume can provide a good sense of a candidate’s work abilities, nothing beats observing an employee on the job for knowing if they are a good fit for a Partnered Company. In addition, Roots Staffing hires employees on our payroll and cover your risks in determining if the employee is a strong fit for your team. We’ll cover the employees workers comp as well as your payroll as you decide when you would like to hire him or her into your company. You will receive an invoice from us weekly so you can treat us like any other vendor. We’ll make the process as simple as possible.


Why Roots

Roots Staffing desires to give job candidates a better job placement experience. We view each candidate as a valuable member of society who can offer specific value to a company. Roots Staffing is full service where we place temporary, temporary to hire, and direct hire positions in order to meet the needs of our job candidates and our Partnered Companies.

  • We believe each candidate has been created with unique wiring, therefore, we strive to identify the best company & job role for each candidate.
  • Prior to job placement, we set our candidates up for success by properly preparing them for the expectations of their specific job role.
  • We aim to find good cultured Partnered Companies that believe in their employees and have growth opportunities available.

The first step to becoming a Roots Staffing job candidate is to click on “Apply Now” below and completed the online application. We look forward to connecting with you!

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About Us


Brett & Todd came together to form Roots Staffing with like-minded vision…To impact people through work.  We believe that work creates a natural bridge between people that can blossom into a relationship. Our aim is to create a company… a brand… a culture that zeros in on relationships with both our candidates and our partnered companies. 

Todd’s previous experience in church planting, sales, and as a staffing agency manager gave him a desire to create a unique staffing company that would put an emphasis on relationship.  Brett was invited into the Roots Staffing vision and brought passion and experience from his previous job roles in operating systems, training, and a season of development work in Kenya.


Roots Staffing exists to Serve and Connect Valuable People to Trusted Companies.



Communication – For a relationship to work, this is a must.
Accountability – We commit to helping each other be our best.
Respect – We will treat each other as we would like to be treated.
Encouragement – 
We will support and cheer one another on.

Roots Staffing will give resources, finances, & support to individuals that face barriers in
obtaining & maintaining employment. Join our cause to help more individuals become
sustainable. All donations are tax deductible.